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Battle of Britain Memento Coin 80th Anniversary RAF -  SPECIAL OFFER PRICE IS NOW �5


This coin token is AVAILABLE AND IN STOCK NOW, as a limited edition memento coin presentation pack.


Iron 3D cast finished in a silver antique nickel with colour infills to highlight the RAF colours. Coin size is 40mm in diameter and 3mm thickness. As these are LIMITED EDITION ISSUE, the reverse of each of the coin professional slab protective cases will have their own unique Holographic sticker showing the coin issue number.


This Guernsey Produced limited edition Memento Coin is supplied as a presentation pack, with the coin case attached to a pretective sleeved information card. The information card is full colour gloss, bi-folded A5 (A6 folded) card with interesting historic facts about the Battle of Britain, including a summary timeline of the dates and events as they happened, and the reference by Churchill to 'The Few'.


The faded background images on the card represents the two main fighter Aircraft used by the RAF, The Spitfire and Hurricane, which are also presented as 3D images on the coin faces, along with the white cliffs of Dover. Demand is high as this Battle of Britain 80th coin pack as advertised in specific magazines Aeroplane Monthly and Britain at War.


All our stock is shipped from Guernsey, in protective padded envelopes  Why not send a relative or friend with RAF links a coin as a gift? The is the limited edition memento coin. 


You might want to check out our other limited edition memento coin set, which commemorates the only British territory occupied by the German forces , 10 days before the start of the Battle Of Britain, during WWII, and which were liberated one day after VE Day.


Liberation of the Channel Islands from German Occupying Forces Memento Coin 75th Anniversary

Battle of Britain Memento Coin 80th Anniversary RAF

20,00£ Preço normal
5,00£Preço promocional
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