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Guernsey Election 2020 Coin island wide voting memento - LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER PRICE �5


This coin is in production as a memento coin presentation pack, enclosed in a professional coin slab protector case, which is attached to a dustproof and sleeved information pack. The information leaflets contained within are as follows- one is a gatefolded front opening double printed leaflet/ the front features the building of Guernseys States' of Deliberation, and upon opening, each candidate is listed, with their votes and finishing positions. Party affiliations are tagged, and both new deputies and ousted deputies are highlighted.


The second leaflet is double sided with 'After the Election' details. As there was a second recount, the updated stats on votes is supplied, as are the deputies serving on each committee, who has elected by fellow deputies as chief minister and presidents of committes.


Memento Coin is Iron 3D cast finished in a silver antique nickel with colour infills to highlight the island and parishes, and guernsey flag colours. Coin size is 40mm in diameter and 3mm thickness. 


This Guernsey Produced limited edition Memento Coin is supplied as a presentation pack, with the coin case attached to a pretective sleeved information card. The information card is full colour gloss, gate-folded A4 (A5 folded) card with interesting historic facts about the States of Deliberation in Guernsey, and the introduction of Guenrsey first ever peoples island wide voting election.


This should be a momentous occasion to remember, the first island wide people election in guernsey, democracy and progress. Whether your a candidate, family member, or a proud Guern, this coin will be something to pass down the generations as a record that you lived during these times.


This is a LIMITED edition with only 200 coins produced, mounted onto a presentation pack. Never to be reproduced once they are all sold out. A highly collectable coin token for generations to come.


All our stock is shipped from Guernsey, in protective padded envelopes FREEPOST. Why not send a relative or friend a coin as a gift? Why not collect all our coin series? just browse our shopping site to view what glorious selections we stock, including the 'Proud to be a Donkey' range.


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Guernsey Election 2020 Coin island wide voting memento

20,00£ Preço normal
5,00£Preço promocional
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