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Guernsey Parish flag of St Peters Saint Pierre Du Bois st peter in the wood

Guernsey Mainland, comprises of ten separate parish districts

St Peter's, known officially as Saint Pierre du Bois is a parish in Guernsey. It is the centre for the Guernsey Western Parishes which includes Torteval, St Saviour's and the Forest. The old Guernesiais nickname for people from Saint Pierre was etcherbaots which means beetles.

Standard size listed is 3x2 ft (90x60cm) - larger full flag pole sizw 5x3 ft (150x90 cm) also available


You can also order the superior quality Double Sided flag. What is the advantage? With the single digital print flag, one side is a clear vibrant image, with the crest and all the parish text readable correctly, where the rear would then be a mirror image with everything reversed. With a Double Sided flag, Both sides of the flag are printed identical so everthing is the correct aspect with text readable and image the right perspective. A center black sheet is stitched together with both sides of the flag print so sunlight cannot interfere with the image overlaying onto the other, and the quality of the flag is much more hard wearing and heavier material.


Single sided print flags are held in stock in Guernsey to ship same day. Double sided prints are 'Made To Order' and will take 2/3 weeks before delivery.

Guernsey Parish flag of St Peters Saint Pierre Du Bois st peter in the wood

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