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Kobyashi Naru , ZX Spectrum, Released by Mastertronic

Original release retro games, complete and intact in their own case with inlay and even with or without instructions, and still in good condition, are becoming very rare and highly collectible worldwide. See the images on this listing for the EXACT item you will be receiving and if instructions are included.


I have made attempts to load this game unsuccessfully, which appears to be due to fluctuating volume and tape degradation, so assume this is purely for shelf display for any collector. You may have more luck or a more sensitave tape player?

This piece of software is no exception and is a great example of the style and inventiveness of it's era.

Buy this now and own your own piece of history.

Hints for successfully loading cassette games from retro cassette players. Some branded cassette players were often fixed without volume/bass/tone controls, but other variations allowed a more flexible loading success. Best to ensure tape head and rubber rollers are clean to begin with. Sometimes it is just a matter of adjusting the volume (some players have tone and bass controls also) as the recording on the cassette magnetic strip can fade over decades of storage. Again, as storage of the cassette may have been upright or on it's side, this can cause the magnetic spool to shift 'off centre' (Gravity effect). I have always recommended a couple of full fast forwards and rewinds, which re-tensions the tape spool, and can shake any storage dust particles from the magnetic strip, but may help to realign the spool with the tape head. Thats all part of the retro experience from the 80's.

All items are posted in either padded jiffy bags, or securely wrapped in brown package/box for shipping. Plastic cassette cases are intact when sent out, but being fragile material, they may unavoidably get cracked in the postal system, which we will not be able to replace, so bear this in mind should this happen.

Although this software has not been tested, there is no guarantee that it will load on your own setup, as with titles, machines and cassette players of the era, being particularly 'selective' in their loading systems (tone, bass, volume, fast loaders, compatibilities between machine releases and tape degredation). You should accept this listing as 'SOLD AS SEEN'.

Postage is ONE set fee across a whole shopping cart order, which includes a secure 'sign for' service to ensure it gets to you. You should consider adding in as many titles as you can afford in one shopping cart before buying, as this is a sensible way to help spread the single shipping cost across multiple titles/products. All items shipped will also be security marked with invisible smart pen, as we have had customers buy, and then attempt to return their own faulty copy of a title or hardware to us for refunds. Hence, all retro titles are now sold 'AS SEEN', No returns or refunds offered The exception being postal damage, for which the buyer is responsible for any return costs. Just enjoy having these in your collection guys.

If you spend GBP 50 (Equivalent USD 63 ,variable exchange rate) or over in one CART checkout, then postage will be FREE, WORLDWIDE.

Kobyashi Naru , ZX Spectrum, Released by Mastertronic

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