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Guernsey and UK Union Bunting flags 10m Liberation 9th May

***** Guernsey and Union style bunting has now sold out *****


This is a custom made flag bunting design of 10 meter length polyester flags, depicting the official Guernsey Flag (introduced 1985), and also another design alternating with the United Kingdom Union Flag as a celebration of Guernsey Liberation each 9th of May. Each flag is 20x30cm in size, evenly spaced along the full ribbon length, with a couple of extra meters ribbon at each end for tying, and consists of approxiametly 20 flags. The material has been edge heat sealed to minimise fraying when used outside in low wind conditions, it is colour fast, and fade resistant, and can be washed for cleaning.


Advisable to not leave Bunting out in stronger or constant breezy wind conditions for more than a day, as the wind shear can be severe enough to start shredding the edges of the bunting flags, particularly if brushing against trees, walls or any surface that speeds up wind damage abrasion.



Guernsey Bunting flags 10m Liberation 9th May, SPECIAL OFFER PRICE

20,00£ Preço normal
12,00£Preço promocional
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