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ZX Spectrum Disc Software - Scrabble De-Luxe. for the +3 model. Original Sinclair Spectrum software from Leisure Genius. First released in 1987. This is a classic Board Game game.

Original release retro games such as this one, complete and intact in their own case with inlay and instructions, and in good condition are becoming very rare and highly collectible worlwide.

This piece of Sinclair Spectrum software is no exception and is a great example of the style and inventiveness of it's era.

Buy this now and own your own piece of history. Software has NOT been tested so Sold As Seen, no returns, Box may show slight signs of storage. Small Box

All items are posted in either padded jiffy bags, or securely wrapped in brown package/box for shipping. Plastic cassette cases are intact when sent out, and being fragile and may unavoidably get cracked in the postal system, which we will not be able to replace, so bear this in mind should this happen.

This software is supplied in Small Box

Scrabble De-Luxe Disc - ZX Spectrum+3


pre-summer discount

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